White Buffalo Wax - White Buffalo waxes have a great color, excellent taste, and deliver concentrated levels of cannabinoids.  These concentrates are locally made with butane and/or propane solvent mix in Pueblo West, Co. There are both nug run and trim run varieties in a list of strains available.

White Buffalo Gold Distillate - Our distillate is made from the finest cannabis with no fillers or anything to cut the solution. Our distillates are refined several times to arrive upon the final product. We currently offer our distilled cannabis products in small glass vials or glass syringes.

White Buffalo Tar - Our White Buffalo tar is a type of "Full Extract Cannabis Oil" (FECO). As one of the original modern consumption methods, dating back to before the turn of the 20th century, tar remains among the most effective and easiest ways for a patient to administer their medicince

White Buffalo Salve - Salve offers yet another option for patients to get pain and symptom relieft in an isolated external area. Topicals are a great option for people with muscle or joint pain, arthritis, and certain skin conditions. Patients have also nothed that salves have a longer lasting effect when compare to other topicals.

White Buffalo Lotion - Topicals are a great way to get isolated effective treatment for aches, pains, and a list of skin conditions. Our White Buffalo lotions also contain a variety of other plant oils, such as Aloe Vera and avocado oil, which offer additional health benefits.