Compound of the Month - CBG

November 6, 2017

CBG - Cannabigerol is the parent compound for a list of compound within cannabis. THC and CBD are known to be two of the principle compounds in cannabis and both are made from CBG. While the plant is growing, CBG decarboxilates and can becomes THC and CBD. This is why many strains are directly proportional in regards to THC and CBD. When a strain has higher levels of THC it will tend to have lower levels of CBD and vise versa. The plant only produces so much CBG, so if it uses more to make THC there will be less available to be turned into CBD. In regards to the agricultural field, farmers can tell if they pulled their crop at the optimal time. If the plant has high levels of CBG, then it probably didn’t have enough time to convert that compound into CBD, THC, or a different compound.



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