Military veterans are getting free Cannabis in Colorado Springs!

March 30, 2016

Veterans in Colorado Springs are being given free cannabis to deal with their PTSD and other treatable disorders. Colorado Springs is home to many Cannabis Clubs and the Veteran Farmer Alliance is one of those clubs that is helping the many veterans of Colorado. Many veterans find that Cannabis is a viable alternative to the opioid pain killers that are prescribed at the VA. Opioids are an addictive substance that are often used to treat chronic and extreme pain. Many people become addicted to opioids and often times doctors will prescribe them with a higher dose of opioids if their current prescription is not strong enough. This causes those who have a dependence to gain a stronger dependence and increase their risk of drug overdose. While it should be noted that many people who are in pain, may need a stronger prescription because their current prescription does not help with the pain, the correlation between opioids and suicide are undeniable. With cannabis being a tool that can be utilized, many veterans are seeing it as an alternative. Even though the Veterans Association does not prescribe medical marijuana, many patients can visit a doctor who can and seek treatment through a different route. The VA is not able to prescribe medical marijuana due to federal laws having precedence over state laws.  With cannabis legalization happening all across the country, and more people are becoming comfortable with cannabis, hopefully the VA can change it's policies on not prescribing medical marijuana due to federal law. In the meantime, veterans in Colorado Springs can be assisted at the Veteran Farmer Alliance with their cannabis needs. 




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