Why get my MMR Card?

Due to taxes and regulations, we are able to provide medical cannabis at a much lower price and with higher dosages. For example, when you become a medical member at Marisol, you can save up to 55% on flower when compared to purchasing it on our retail side. Also, for example, retail edibles can have no more than 100 Mg in the entire package and have to be divided into 10 Mg dosages. Many medical edibles are 500 mg or higher and don’t have any restrictions on dosages. Also, you are able to purchase much more at a time with an MMR card. For example, you are only allowed 8 grams of concentrate per day when purchasing retail products. Our medical patients can purchase up to 56 grams of concentrates per day. 

Any Chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition that causes
 + Severe pain
+ Severe nausea
+ Persistent muscle spasms
+ Seizures
+ Cachexia



HIV or AIDS Positive

Approved Debilitating Conditions by the CDPHE

How to apply